Grazing Bento Box

For kids on the move, sometimes less is more. I don’t know about you but it seems the more I stuff into a bento, the more comes home. Too many choices can be overwhelming especially during short lunch periods. I also learned my son’s lunch is at 10:30!

To keep portion sizes small, I sometimes use silicone baking cups to add extra compartments to one of our bentos. My kids love them and they easily mold to the shape of the lunchbox. I also bake smaller, mini muffins for example are the ideal size for my kindergartener.

Grazing Bento Box:

1 hard boiled egg
Handful of trail mix (our school is nut free so I either offer a dried fruit and seed combo or rice crackers like these)
Apple slices (change it up with a mix of red and green apples, or mix of apples and mandarin oranges)
Cheese slices (so many options. Here I packed a mild cheddar. My kids also love Gouda and marbled cheddar)
1 mini muffin (Recipes: Blueberry Mini MuffinsRaspberry Crumble  or Apple Carrot and Ginger)

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