Granola Parfaits

Breakfast and after-school snacking as effortless as an Instagram-snap, yes, please! This recipe is mind-blowingly easy but super kid-friendly and also wonderfully nutritious.

No, I’m not re-inventing the wheel with this one, I’m just shooting a pretty picture and trying to make your life easier. You’re welcome 🙂

Granola Parfait:
Serves 4

1 cup Greek yogurt (your choice on fat content)
3/4 cup granola (can be homemade or store-bought)
Fresh fruit for topping

Make It:
For my kids, I love to make these in a clear plastic cup for help-yourself snacking. Start by dividing your yogurt between the 4 containers.

If you are making these in advance you have a choice: a) add the granola and allow it to become soft as the moisture from yogurt wets it b) add a silicone cup to the top so that you can pour the granola when kids eat and it will remain crunchy

If you’re going with crunchy, add fruit to the top of yogurt and add granola, separate and away on top. Otherwise, add 3 layers: yogurt, granola then fruit if you’re just going for it. You know your own taste and your kids so I trust in you.


Mom’s/Chef’s Tips:
Pick seasonal fruit to save money
If making your own granola, buy from the bulk bin aisle for the best prices
Serve small portions for young kids, they can always ask for seconds
Don’t just make these for kids, enjoy one yourself. We all need a boost

Tidying Tips from Tidy Dad
1. Store snacks and drinks in locations and at heights that kids are able to independently access.
2. Put out healthy snacks that you are okay with your kids eating, whenever they are hungry!
3. Store kid-friendly plates, napkins, and utensils in locations that they can access independently.
4. Invite kids to set the table and clear the table after snack time and mealtime.
5. Invest in some colorful and fun cloth wipes so that kids can independently clean their hands and faces after mealtime!
6. After mealtime is finished, give them a shallow container of water mixed with a little bit of soap, and invite kids to clear and clean their eating space.

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