A terrarium is a natural delight that can be enjoyed even in the smallest apartment. These miniature gardens make magic for kids who want a chance to plant but possibly don’t have the outdoor space to do so. They also brighten a room and give it a breath of fresh air.

1 large glass container (I recycled a vase from an old flower arrangement)
Sand (you can even use colored sand for another element of fun)
Large rocks (easily purchased at Dollar Tree or found in nature)
Small rocks

Make It:
Add a layer of sand to your terrarium container. Use large rocks as your next layer and then top those with smaller stones. Top with a layer of dirt and then plant in your succulents.

Store in an area with access to full sunlight. Water as needed.

This terrarium also makes for a wonderful gift. The one pictured is now thriving in my son’s Pre-K classroom.

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