DIY Snow Globes

DIY Snow Globe

Your child can help you from start to finish with this simple craft. Snow globes are the perfect winter project and make for a wonderful keepsake or gift. You can easily make your own by using a mason jar and some simple craft supplies from the Dollar Tree or another discount store. Just follow the easy steps below.

Craft Supplies:
1 mason jar
1 figurine (look for something tall and thin, remember the lid covers about an inch so pick an object that’s main features begin above that), trees, penguins, houses, and snow men all make nice figurines
Super glue (to glue your figurine as well as the lid down)
¾ cup soft soap/dish soap (clear in color)
1.8 oz glitter glue (I chose blue in color. Silver also works well)
0.2 oz confetti glitter (I found a lighter blue with bigger flakes that blended really nicely)

Make It:
To assemble, begin by glueing your object to the center of the inside of your mason jar lid. Let this sit until completely hardened before you move on to the next step (I do overnight to ensure that my glue seals well. I also am generous when adding the glue to make sure the object really sticks).

Once your object has been glued down, add water to your jar, stopping about 3/4 full. Close the lid to check your water level with your figurine inside. This will let you know how much room you need to leave for your remaining supplies. Next, add soap to jar and slowly stir it into water, trying to avoid making bubbles. A chopstick is a great tool to stir with.

Next stir in your glitter glue and confetti. Close the jar again to give it a test. Give it a couple shakes and watch as it settles. Check if you like the glitter, color and movement. If not, remix until you love it. If its not as dazzling as you had hoped for, increase your quantities of glitter and glitter glue. If the suspension falls too quickly, remove some water and replace with a little more soap.

Once you have it just the way you like it, super glue the lid down.

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