Gobble it Up Turkey Fruit Platter

The sweetest desserts can be the ones you make together…that are also HEALTHY! These turkey fruit platters are so joyful and easy to create. Not all kids like turkey, but most kids will gobble up this one!

Gobble it Up Turkey Fruit Platter

Small Bosc pear
Honeycrisp apple
White chocolate
Black gel icing
Lemon peel

Make It:
Slice a 2-inch thick slice vertically down your Bosc pear, avoiding the stem and seeds. This will serve as the body of your “turkey.” Next, peel your clementines and slice your strawberries and apple. Peel off a strip from your lemon and cut out a triangle for your turkey beak.

To Assemble:
Start by laying your Bosc pear body in the center of your plate. Fan out your fruit in rainbow formation around the torso. Separate your fruit by colors, placing the most contrasting next to each other. Once your fruit is all laid out, it’s time to make those adorable turkey eyes.

Add a small drop of melted white chocolate for your eyes. In the center of each eye, add a smaller drop of black icing for the pupils. Add a small slice of strawberry for the wattle and top with the triangle of lemon for the beak. Add two slices of apple on either side of the turkey for fun little legs.

You can mix up the fruit for this one! If you’re making in advance, use fruits that last well (berries, grapes, raisins) and avoid fruit that browns (banana, apple, pear). Pick the fruits your kids LOVE!

A Thank-You:
Party City, thank you for gifting these fun decorative fans and adorable napkins!

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