Rainbow Party Favors

Whether you want a creative and quick treat bag for St. Patrick’s Day or are throwing a rainbow themed party, these treat bags will be sure to delight. I whipped these together for my son’s class because I wanted something that the kids would actually be able to use that was a bit different from the typical candy and stickers.

Creating your own rainbow is a pretty cool thing you can do with your kids. I was thrilled with the way these bags turned out and how little time they took me to put together. I thought the tip was worth sharing 🙂

Rainbow Party Favors

Rainbow plastic party bags (you can find these at The Dollar Tree, I’m sure Party City has as well)
Flashlights (1 per bag)
Instructions for creating the rainbow

Make It:
This is a goody bag that you can make in a second. Simply, add a flashlight and instructions to each treat bag and seal.

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